Design, a term commonplace on the internet with so many freelancing portals available. Seems almost everyone today is a designer or a photographer by passion. Kind of becomes difficult for folks to find the actual talent from among the many posers. Here at DesignMaker.Co we take a look at some do’s and don’ts in the design world.

There are certain things that a designer should never do and then some practices that always make you better over time. You may have become a designer from passion but you get hired for being a businessman first. It is all about meeting client requirements and understanding how best to sell them that what they desire.

If you are a client, then you can use the information below to pick good freelancers but if you are a freelancer then make sure you do not do anything that we recommend against. And for those who are interested in learning even more, you can always browse the World Wide Web. It is after all the largest repository of information in the world and continues to grow at an astounding pace.